Animal Control

We are licensed and insured by the state of Ohio to perform nuisance animal control by appropriate professional methods. We keep nature outside of your home! 

Property Repair

We are experienced in attic and property restoration, removing and repairing the property damage caused by the nuisance animals. We want you to enjoy your space! 

Type of Clients

We welcome property managers, public works, and individuals. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, ensuring that any issue gets resolved properly. 

Get Scheduled

Call Ben Boehl, your nuisance wildlife specialist, to set up an appointment or for any information about a nuisance animal or any of the services we provide!

Wildlife Removal Services

critter removal company cincinnatiAnother Critter Gone is a wildlife removal services business in Cincinnati Ohio.  We specialize in nuisance animal control and property repair. Our goal is to solve the conflicts between humans and wild animals. We all love to watch critters at a distance in the yard or at the park, but when they move into our home or place of business it becomes a concern. We make it our business to remove the issue by whatever legal means deemed necessary. A plan will be laid out and seen through until the task is completed.

Our wildlife animal removal service company is a small Cincinnati business that has grown from 1 worker to 6, by word-of-mouth! We give peace of mind to clients by removing any nuisance wildlife from their property. We do not use poison on the animals we catch. We have a strong faith-base of ethical standing.

We are affiliated with Ohio State Trapper’s Association, the National Trapper’s Association, the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, and the Ohio Division of Wildlife

Expert Animal Removal Service at a Competitive Price

Here at Another Critter Gone, we stay up to date with our competitor's prices and constantly make adjustments to ensure that our customers are getting expert service at a competitive price. Prices for jobs differ depending on the individual situation but call 513-708-0369 for more information about pricing.

Thank you for trusting Another Critter Gone! 

Expert Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Control can be a huge problem to the Cincinnati Ohio region. The most common animals we work with are listed below. Others can include snakes slithering up your drainpipe, coyotes roaming your backyard, and beavers destroying your trees. Don't see your animal listed? No problem! We handle many other kinds. Please contact Another Critter Gone for your specific critter removal needs.

Schedule Wildlife Animal Removal

Dealing with mice in your basement, or bats in the attic? We promise you an expert animal removal service at a competitive price!  Call
to speak with a member of our team today, and schedule nuisance animal removal services. For general information, we also offer this email form. 

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