Animal Damage Property Restoration

Animal Damage Property Restoration

We are experienced in attic and property restoration, removing and repairing the property damage caused by nuisance animals. Contact us daily to report animal catches and we'll be out promptly to remove the animal. 

Repairing Your Attic and Roof:

Your attic, although rarely seen, is an important part of your home. Electrical lines and HVAC hoses often run through this space. Many critters such as mice, squirrels, raccoons, and birds can damage these lines and hoses. They can trample your insulation down flat. Most area building codes recommend at least ten inches of blown-in insulation. We have gone into spaces where nuisance animals have been removed or trampled to the point only 1 to 3 inches of insulation remain. If your insulation has been damaged and soiled, Another Critter Gone will vacuum it out. We will fog out the area, which will sanitize any leftover bacteria. Then we will blow in fresh insulation to the depth preferred. This process will leave your home smelling and feeling cleaner. It will also be much more protected, keeping nature on the outside.

Your roof is much more than shingles.

There are usually various vents, chimneys, peaks, dormers, and more. Animals can and will attempt to get access to these for various reasons. We see a lot of bird nests made in dryer and bathroom vents, causing obstruction to airflow. Dryers will overheat and stop working efficiently. A really undesirable result can be a fire. There are places we think little of until animals work their way in. Some of those places are attic fans, gables, peaks, drip edge flashing, and dormers. Another Critter Gone can supply various caps, screens, peak protectors, sheeting, and cages around these areas.

Wildlife Habitat Modification 

Animal Damage Property RestorationHave you ever had a snake in your bathroom and wondered how they got there? We see a lot of properties where their sewer access was vulnerable. Another Critter Gone will install a sewer vent cap to block off access to snakes and any other creepy creature you don't want disturbing your bathroom time.

Animals can impact property in many manners. We offer Wildlife Habitat Modification through trimming trees close to the house to deter squirrels from accessing the house.

Squirrells can be the best of acrobats, but if the house is nowhere near a tree branch, they have a lesser chance of reaching it. We also can screen your porch or deck for you. Too often we see nice porches and decks left to abandon due to continuous bird nest building, insect nest take-over, and more. We want you to enjoy your space without the aspect of nature interrupting it.

Modification and Repair Services we include are:
  • Fogging Sanitation to Control Odor and Bacteria

  • Habitat Modification Through Tree Trimming

  • Proactive Vent Exclusion

  • Hole Exclusion

  • Roof Peak Protectors

  • Drip Edge Flashing

  • Dormers sealed, gaps repaired.

  • And more!

Check out these awesome before and after property damage photos:
Attic Restoration
Attic RestorationSoiled Insulation Removal and Re-Insulation

Animals will stomp down, damage, and soil your insulation to where it's not even doing the job anymore. It should be at least 10 inches deep. We've seen insulation damaged and stomped down to 1 to 3 inches. Plus, the remnants and smell can make you sick. 

We come in and remove that damaged insulation, sanitize the area and put in new insulation to leave your attic fresh, clean, and animal free. It will also save you on your energy bills! 

Animal Damage Property Restoration Professionals

The technicians at Another Critter Gone of Milford Ohio are professionals at Animal Damage Property Restoration. Communicate with our critter removal and clean-up technicians daily to report animal catches. 

Have wildlife critters destroyed or damaged your home or property?  Contact us for a free quote! 

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