Repairing Your Attic and Roof:

We are experienced in the attic and overall property damage restoration.

Another Critter Gone can remove and repair property damage caused by nuisance animals. Call our licensed nuisance wildlife removal specialists to set up an appointment complete with 24/7 LIVE camera monitoring of animal capture cages. We will remove the critter and provide the needed animal damage property restoration completely independently. No more cages to check on!


Your attic, although rarely seen, is an important part of your home. Electrical lines and HVAC hoses often run through this space. Many critters such as mice, squirrels, raccoons, and birds can damage these lines and hoses. They can trample your insulation down flat. Most area building codes recommend at least ten inches of blown-in insulation. We have gone into spaces where nuisance animals have been removed or trampled to the point only 1 to 3 inches of insulation remain.

If your insulation has been damaged and soiled, Another Critter Gone will vacuum it out. We will fog out the area, which will sanitize any leftover bacteria. Then we will blow in fresh insulation to the depth preferred. This process will leave your home smelling and feeling cleaner. It will also be much more protected, keeping nature on the outside.

Your Roof is Much More Than Shingles.

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There are usually various vents, chimneys, peaks, dormers, and more. Animals can and will attempt to get access to these for various reasons. We see a lot of bird nests made in dryer and bathroom vents, causing obstruction to airflow. Dryers will overheat and stop working efficiently. A really undesirable result can be a fire. There are places we think little of until animals work their way in. Some of those places are attic fans, gables, peaks, drip edge flashing, and dormers.

Another Critter Gone can supply various caps, screens, peak protectors, sheeting, and cages around these areas.

Wildlife Habitat Modification

Have you ever had a snake in your bathroom and wondered how it got there? We see a lot of properties where their sewer access was vulnerable. Another Critter Gone will install a sewer vent cap to block off access to snakes and any other creepy creature you don’t want disturbing your bathroom time.

Animal damage can impact property in many manners. We offer Wildlife Habitat Modification by trimming trees close to the house to deter squirrels from accessing the house.

Squirrels can be the best of acrobats, but if the house is nowhere near a tree branch, they have a lesser chance of reaching it. We also can screen your porch or deck for you. Too often we see nice porches and decks left to abandon due to continuous bird nest building, insect nest take-over, and more. We want you to enjoy your space without the aspect of nature interrupting it.

Wildlife Habitat Modification and Repair Services we include are:

  • Fogging Sanitation to Control Odor and Bacteria
  • Proactive Vent Exclusion
  • Hole Exclusion
  • Roof Peak Protectors
  • Drip Edge Flashing
  • Dormers sealed, gaps repaired.
  • And more!
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Before and After Property Damage Photos:

Attic Restoration

Soiled Insulation Removal and Re-Insulation

Is your insulation not doing its job anymore? Animals can stomp down, damage, and soil your insulation, leaving it as thin as 1 to 3 inches when it should be at least 10 inches deep. Not only does this compromise its effectiveness, but the remnants and odor can also pose health risks.

At Another Critter Gone, our wildlife removal technicians specialize in removing damaged insulation, sanitizing the affected area, and installing fresh insulation to restore your attic to a pristine, animal-free state. Not only will this leave your space fresh and clean, but it will also help you save on your energy bills. Say goodbye to compromised insulation and hello to a more efficient and healthier home.

Vent Repair and Reinforcement

Vents – Gables, Slats, Wood Loovers

Wildlife removal jobs often include animal damage property restoration. Wood chewed out of vents can provide easy access for unwanted creatures. The ACG animal damage property restoration technicians will remove the problem animals and also ensure they won’t return.

Our experts will replace damaged vents, whether they’re made of wood or plastic, and even paint them to match your home’s aesthetics. To reinforce the area and prevent future intrusions, we install heavy metal screening that effectively keeps animals from gaining access.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your vents are secure and protected from unwanted visitors.

Vent Covers for Bathrooms and Dryers

Reinforced Vent Covers for Exhaust Vents

Birds are notorious for nesting in exhaust vents, posing potential fire hazards and damaging your dryer or exhaust fan. At Another Critter Gone, we specialize in removing these nests, wild animal disposal, sanitizing the area, and installing durable, heavy-duty vent covers that effectively keep animals out.

Our animal damage property restoration technicians at Another Critter Gone will ensure that your exhaust vents are protected from future intrusions, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of fire or motor damage.

Say goodbye to unwanted bird nests and hello to a safer, more efficient ventilation system with our reinforced vent covers.

Sewer Vent Caps

Simple Vent Cap Over Sewer Vent

Sewer vents can attract a variety of unwelcome visitors, including birds, rats, snakes, and squirrels. Even if the opening seems too small for them to enter, some persistent animals will still attempt it, often resulting in clogs and blockages.

To safeguard your sewer vents, we offer a simple yet effective solution: the installation of a vent cap. This straightforward fix has proven highly efficient in preventing animals from accessing the vent and causing blockages. Don’t let unwanted critters disrupt your sewer system.

Choose our reliable vent cap solution for a hassle-free and smoothly-flowing sewer vent.

Soffit Vents

Protecting Your Homes’ Eves

Squirrels often find their way into attics through the soffit vents located underneath the eaves of your home. Over time, these vents can become damaged or deteriorate, providing easy access for these persistent critters.

To safeguard your home, our team can install a new soffit vent that matches the existing design while effectively keeping squirrels out of your attic. With a variety of soffit vent types available, we offer options that can be painted by our habitat restoration crew or at a later date, ensuring seamless integration with your home’s aesthetics.

Say goodbye to unwanted attic visitors and maintain the beauty of your home’s eaves with our expert soffit vent installation services.

Air Vents

Static Air Vent Covers

Unobstructed airflow from the attic is crucial for maintaining a well-ventilated home. However, static air vent screens made of lightweight aluminum often get damaged, creating an open invitation for squirrels and other critters to nest inside.

To address this issue, our wildlife property damage technicians offer heavy-duty vent covers designed to preserve proper airflow while effectively deterring animal access. These durable covers not only keep the air flowing but also cover up any damaged areas, preventing unwanted intrusions.

Ensure a well-ventilated and critter-free home with our reliable static air vent covers.

Chimney Caps

Adding Durable Vents

Attempting DIY solutions to cut off access to unwanted critters often proves unsuccessful. At our nuisance wildlife removal company, we recommend installing caps on all chimneys as a reliable solution.

Raccoons, birds, and squirrels are notorious for building nests in chimneys, posing not only a nuisance but also a potential fire hazard. To address this issue, we offer durable waterproof vents that effectively block any access from crawling creatures.

With our durable vents in place, you can rest assured that your chimney remains protected from unwanted intrusions while maintaining a safe and critter-free environment.

Don’t leave your chimney vulnerable—choose our reliable solution for added peace of mind.

Chimney Crown Coating

Protecting Your Chimney

Water damage can deteriorate the mortar on your chimney, creating openings for critters to enter. At Another Critter Gone, our wildlife removal company crew provides effective preventative measures, such as crown coating, to safeguard your chimney.

Our crown coating service involves applying a rubberized sealer that acts as a barrier, preventing water from causing further damage. Additionally, this coating helps repair any existing cracks or holes, ensuring your chimney remains secure and protected against both water intrusion and animal entry.

Trust our expert team to protect your chimney from deterioration and unwanted critters. With our crown coating solution, you can enjoy a durable and well-maintained chimney for years to come.

Attic Fan Secured

Attic Fan Covers

When it comes to DIY attempts, some examples fall short of ensuring proper protection. The picture to the left shows an inadequate cover that people might consider acceptable when pressed for time and resources. Unfortunately, these vents not only pose a potential entry point for animals but also leave enough space for people to fit through. In fact, there have been documented cases where intruders gained access to buildings through such vents.

To ensure optimal security, we install secure screens that cover the entire vent while still allowing for adequate airflow. Our expert solution effectively blocks any unexpected guests from entering your attic, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your property.

Don’t compromise on security—choose our reliable attic fan covers to keep both wildlife and intruders out.

Ridge Vent Guards

Protecting Your Chimney

Raccoons, mice, bats, rats, snakes, and other wildlife can easily damage traditional roof vents, finding their way into your attic. The Another Critter Gone wildlife removal technicians provide reliable solutions with ridge vent guards that ensure proper ventilation while effectively keeping unwanted critters out.

Our ridge vent guards are designed to maintain a healthy airflow in your attic while creating a barrier against wildlife intrusion. Say goodbye to the potential damage and nuisance caused by these unwelcome visitors, and enjoy a secure and well-ventilated home with our protective ridge vent guards.

Trust our expertise to keep your chimney safe from wildlife intrusion while maintaining proper ventilation.

Screening Porches

Screening for Porches

Having unwanted wildlife under your deck or on your porch can be quite a hassle. Skunks, raccoons, opossums, and groundhogs are known to seek shelter in these areas, which can lead to various issues. Additionally, having pests building nests on your deck is far from ideal.

We offer comprehensive screening solutions for porches. Not only do we screen underneath your deck to prevent animals from taking up residence, but we also provide screens for the top of the deck to deter pests from creating nests.

Imagine the peace of mind and enjoyment of sitting outside without the constant threat of wild animals invading your space.

Trust our animal damage property restoration crew to create a safer, pest-free environment by implementing our effective porch screening services.

Custom Exclusions

Don’t see an example of what you need to be patched up?

At Another Critter Gone, we are committed to finding customized solutions for every property repair challenge. With extensive experience in various structural situations, there’s hardly a problem we’re not familiar with. However, even if we encounter a project that’s new to us, we never shy away from it.

Our primary goal is to ensure complete client satisfaction. When we leave a project, we want our clients to feel confident and safe, knowing that the problem has been effectively solved and future issues have been prevented.

Trust us to provide personalized, reliable solutions tailored to your specific wildlife removal and prevention needs.

Animal Damage Property Restoration Professionals

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