Need To Remove Nuisance Wildlife?

Another Critter Gone provides animal control removal services in the Southeast Cincinnati area.

We are licensed and insured by the State of Ohio to perform nuisance animal control by appropriate professional methods. Our technicians set up a 24-hour live remote cellular camera monitoring system on almost every trapping job (except for moles, mice & chipmunks.) The use of cameras removes the need for the homeowner or technician to personally inspect the traps a couple of times a day.

Animals can be fun to watch, learn about, and even interact with. Most of us just prefer them on our own terms. A surprise bat flying around inside is not exactly a fun experience for a homeowner. Beyond the scary encounter, wild animals can do massive amounts of damage to their property. No one wants to pay for new electrical wiring or insulation from a squirrel’s nest in their attic.

Clients provide daily communication with the ACG technicians to report animal catches. This allows for our animal control removal prompt response.

Use of Thermal Imaging to Locate Nuisance Animals

If you suspect animal intrusion, but can’t reach the area or are not up to checking it out, Another Critter Gone in Milford Ohio area provides home inspections.

We have thermal imaging cameras that will reveal where a nuisance animal might be hiding. When we are certain of the area, we can gain access if needed.

Once we are in we remove the animal by trapping and/or ethical removal, depending on the animal.

We caution that if there is a dead animal on your property, not to remove it yourself. We have the training and expertise to avoid the spreading of disease and infestation. It can be very dangerous to you and your pets in handling this by yourselves.

We specialize in the following nuisance animal removal services:

  • Home inspection
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Tracking
  • 24/7 live camera monitoring of cages
  • Removal of unwanted nuisance animals
  • Dead animal removal
  • And much more
  • Don’t see your animal listed? No Problem!

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Call for Wildlife Animal Removal

Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal Services Include:

Our technicians set up a 24-hour live remote cellular camera monitoring system on almost every trapping job (except for moles, mice, and chipmunks.) The use of cameras removes the need for the homeowner or technician to personally inspect the traps a couple of times a day.

No One Wants Squirrels In Their Attic

eastern grey squirrel

Even though they seem cute and cuddly critters, you must never let them live in your attic. Their ability to chew through anything can be very destructive to a home. We find a lot of attics where they have destroyed all the insulation, leading to energy loss and increased utility bills. They also chew through wires, causing fire hazards and potential electrical damage. Besides smelling bad, their waste can, in time, result in mold and mildew, posing health risks to the residents. Moreover, squirrels can carry fleas and ticks into your home, exposing you and your family to additional pests.

If you think one squirrel is a problem, they will bring friends and family soon enough, forming a squirrel community in your attic. Often, squirrels move into an attic to find a nest where they can have babies. The presence of baby squirrels can complicate removal efforts, as they are dependent on their parents for several weeks. Another common nesting spot for squirrels is the chimney, which can become a significant fire hazard if not properly inspected before use.

If you suspect a squirrel infestation, it is crucial to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the wildlife stays on the outside. Professional wildlife removal services like Another Critter Gone can safely and effectively remove squirrels from your property, replacing any compromised insulation and strengthening weak areas to prevent future intrusions.

Moles in Ohio Are Common

Mole Traps Wildlife Removal Services

Moles can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare when it comes to pests. Moles are relentless tunnelers are constantly on the hunt for worms, which leads them to wreak havoc in your yard. With their exceptional underground adaptability and lightning-fast tunneling speed of up to 16 feet per hour, moles can turn your beautiful lawn into a disaster zone. Their telltale signs include small mounds of dirt resembling mini volcanoes or surface tunnels and ridges. Moist soil enriched with organic matter is like a magnet for these critters.

Have you noticed a mole trail in your yard? Although you may never catch a glimpse of the elusive mole itself, the damage they leave behind is unmistakable. These creatures tend to be most active during the mornings and evenings of spring and fall, especially after warm rainfall.

But fear not, for the wildlife removal experts at Another Critter Gone are here to help! We specialize in trapping and removing moles from your premises, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Let us put an end to the mole invasion and restore your yard to its former glory.

Skunks Are Everywhere In Ohio

wild animal skunk removal

Skunks can quickly become a major outdoor nuisance in the Greater Cincinnati, Loveland and Milford Ohio area. These striped troublemakers have a knack for making themselves comfortable under your house, tool shed, deck, porch, and patio. Finding them in your basement window wells can be quite alarming. Not only do they wreak havoc on your flowerbeds and foundation with their 3-4 inch deep holes, but they can also carry ticks and fleas, posing a potential health risk.

Have you caught a whiff of a skunk nearby? That distinct smell is often a dead giveaway. If you come across tracks with five toes, chances are it’s a skunk or a raccoon. Skunks are most active during the spring, particularly in the evenings. While they are usually mild-mannered and non-aggressive, they possess a potent defense mechanism. When threatened, they can emit a spray that can be smelled from over a mile away. This powerful spray can reach distances of 10 to 12 feet in all directions, making skunk removal a challenging task.

But worry not, as Another Critter Gone is here to help. We specialize in the humane removal of skunks from your premises, ensuring that you and your property are skunk-free. Say goodbye to unwanted skunk visitors and regain peace of mind with our professional wildlife removal services.

Raccoon Removal In Cincinnati

wild raccoon removal service

Raccoons may resemble bandits, but they’re far from playful troublemakers. These cunning creatures can rob you of your peace of mind, sleep, and hard-earned money. Their destructive nature knows no bounds, wreaking havoc on your property. From ruined insulation, drywall, wiring, gutters, and shingles to the mess they leave behind, raccoons can turn your home into a disaster zone. What’s worse, they bring with them disease-carrying insects, such as fleas and ticks, and can transmit serious illnesses like rabies and mange. Trust us, you don’t want to find their fecal matter piled up to a foot high—it’s anything but pretty.

Raccoons have a knack for finding cozy spots to call home, including chimneys, basements, and attics. Similar to squirrels, they’re on the hunt for a safe nesting place.

Have you spotted a raccoon in your attic? These creatures are hard to miss and should not be taken lightly. Dealing with raccoons on your own is not recommended, as they can be highly dangerous. We’ve encountered torn holes in shingles and wood caused by these tenacious critters. If there are baby raccoons present, they cannot be trapped and must be carefully removed by hand. Additionally, mother raccoons can become fiercely defensive when protecting their young.

Rest assured, the critter removal team at Another Critter Gone is here to help. We’ll skillfully trap the raccoons and diligently patch up the entry points, ensuring your peace of mind and security once again. Say goodbye to raccoon intruders and regain control of your home with our professional wildlife removal services.

We Can Get Rid Of Groundhogs

Groundhog popping out of his hole

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are notorious for causing damage to your property. They have a knack for destroying porches, sheds, and fences, and can even chew through electrical wiring. Once they establish a den on your property, it becomes an open invitation for other den animals to join the party, including skunks, opossums, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes. Different breeds of wildlife can coexist in various parts of the den, creating a potential nuisance.

Is there a groundhog lurking beneath your shed? These crafty critters seek shelter under piles of debris and enjoy gnawing on tree trunks or woodpiles. While they hibernate during the winter, they become active primarily during the warmer months. If you spot one groundhog, it’s crucial to call us immediately before the situation escalates. A larger den tunnel can compromise the structural integrity of any building.

Don’t wait for the damage to be done—reach out to Another Critter Gone! Our wildlife removal team is well-equipped to handle groundhog removal, ensuring that your property remains free from these troublesome pests. Trust our experts to safeguard your home and prevent further wildlife infestations.

Bat Removal In Cincinnati

bat removal

Encountering bats doesn’t have to be something out of a horror movie. Despite the misconceptions surrounding these creatures, it’s important to know that they are usually more afraid of you than you are of them. While bats won’t swoop down and bite you, there are still some things to keep in mind.

Have you found a bat inside your house? We understand that having a bat flying around can be unsettling. This occurrence is more common during the warmer spring and summer evenings. It often happens with younger bats who are still learning to fly and inadvertently get trapped indoors. Frantically chasing them around rarely leads to successful removal. It’s crucial to avoid handling them, as bats can carry various diseases.

Rest assured, Another Critter Gone is here to help. Our wildlife removal experts will safely and efficiently remove any bat issues you may be facing. We’ll also take care of removing bat droppings from the affected space, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for you and your family. Trust us to handle bat removal with expertise and professionalism.

Mice & Rat Rodent Removal Services

mouse removal service

While mice may be depicted as adorable in Cinderella, they are far from endearing in real life. These tiny rodents can wreak havoc behind the scenes, leaving behind a trail of remnants and causing damage by chewing on electrical wires. Not only that, but mice also carry harmful diseases and can contaminate your food, posing a threat to your health. It’s crucial to address the issue before they multiply and create a full-fledged family infestation.

Are you hearing scurrying sounds behind your walls? It’s a telltale sign of mice running amok in your home. These nocturnal creatures can make themselves at home for up to three years, rummaging through your pantry and leaving behind droppings.

You may also notice bags of food that have been gnawed through—mice have a particular fondness for pet food. Dealing with a mouse problem becomes even more challenging when you have pets and children, as traditional poison or traps can put them at risk.

That’s where Another Critter Gone comes in. We have the expertise and tools, including thermal imaging cameras, to pinpoint where the mice are hiding. Our wildlife removal team will efficiently and safely remove the mice and clean up their mess, allowing you to finally relax and step down from that kitchen chair. Trust us to provide effective rodent removal services tailored to your specific situation.

Bird Removal From Exhaust Vents & Chimneys

bird removal service

It’s not uncommon to find birds making themselves at home in our porch rafters or vents. While they typically avoid human interaction, they often choose to build their nests in close proximity to our homes. However, these nests can pose significant problems, such as the risk of fire if they’re located in exhaust vents or the malfunctioning of bathroom fan motors. Moreover, birds can become highly protective of their eggs and young, making anyone near their nests a potential target.

Do you have a black starling family nesting in your deck rafters or other birds finding refuge in your attic? These resourceful creatures seek shelter in areas that provide warmth and protection, not limited to just trees. You may come across their nests in shopping mall signs, roof rafters, exhaust pipes, and more. While we can admire their chirping and fascinating nature, their presence can lead to property damage and potential conflicts with humans.

Count on Another Critter Gone to swiftly evict these unwelcome avian guests. Our wildlife removal team specializes in bird removal, ensuring that your property is free from nests and the associated risks. Don’t let birds cause further damage or create safety concerns—reach out to us for prompt and professional assistance.